Tell me about creating “queered live re-creations of iconic ’80s music videos.” When was Madonna, like, not queered? What will queer her now?

Sidney Erik Wright: I’ve been having a number of conversations about EID (Equality/Inclusion/Diversity) and how I can use my privilege as a white male to create spaces for non-white, non-male performers. In so many cases, the entertainment industry casts a straight person to “play gay.” So, for Retro Factory, I’m very interested in assembling queer female dancers to perform my piece (A-ha’s “Take On Me”) and let these women portray a lesbian love story. Art should be personal, so I’m thrilled to create an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ people to embody their own stories.------Clyde Fitch Report


Retro Factory "1983"

Plaxall Gallery-June 15, 2018

Produced by Theatre C, Zach Job, and Chad Ryan in association with Long Island City Artists, Inc. and Daniel Nardicio Productions

MC'd by Chelsea Piers

with DJs Bright Light Bright Light and David Scott

Pop-up dance performances by choreographers Britton Tyner-Bryan, Shiloh Goodin, and Sidney Erik Wright

Featuring Yael Leberman and Ellen Zolezzi

with MK Hartung, Emily Palmquist, and Chloe Fox

Photographs by Dirty Sugar Photography and Mike Sullivan