"Grindr (and other concerns...)"

The Survivalists-A Brooklyn living room-August 18-19, 2014

Written by MJ Halberstadt

Directed by Sidney Erik Wright

with Jonny Hendrickson, Jay Malsky, Ethan Angelica, and David Coleman

Photos by Andrew Kluger Photography

BRANDON:  What I’m really trying to ask is are you a top or a bottom?  

DON:  Brandon.

BRANDON:  It’s only fair if I share too.  I’m a bottom, like Don-

DON:  Oh my God, please stop-Wait, what?

BRANDON:  -and Neil’s a top.  What are you?

DON:  Since when am I a bottom?

BRANDON:  I’m just going off what Neil says.

NEIL:  I mean it is true most of the time.

BRANDON:  Why is bottoming something to be defensive about?

DON:  It’s not, I just don’t want to be talking about-

BRANDON:  Oh my God we haven’t even let Pierce answer the question.  You’re a bottom too, I bet.

DON:  You don’t have to answer that.

BRANDON:  Yeah, I get the sense that you’re a bottom.  It’s mostly bottoms who are reticent to answer that question and get hung up on labels because they think it’s seen as like, inferior or submissive.  Kind of like how Don’s acting right now.  That’s how you know he’s a bottom.  Will you pour me more wine?