“I know they’re not good.  I mean, people on the Internet tell me that every day.  But I mean, people subscribe to my channel just so they can thumbs-down my videos and tell me I suck.  I think that takes commitment.  Like effort.  I mean, if you’re gonna subscribe to something?  It must be doing something for you.  I mean the amount of effort that some people put into their hate is really kind of impressive.  It’s like the flip side of love.  A version of love maybe.  I just wish they could see how it looks in my head.  No one would be laughing then...”

"Honors Students"

Ensemble Studio Theatre Unfiltered March 9-12, 2016

Written by Mariah MacCarthy

Directed by Leta Tremblay

Choreographed by Sidney Erik Wright

with Chet Siegel, Merissa Czyz, Bob Jaffe, and Rachel Lin

Photos by Jody Christopherson