There are so many wonderful things about Pedro Pan, it's difficult to know where to begin.  The music by Stephen Anthony Elkins is sheer bliss...Melissa Crespo's fluid direction provides excellent pacing not only for the action, but also our emotions, and SIDNEY ERIK WRIGHT's choreography is both clever and playful...AND the cast is's perhaps this-the combination of honesty and humor in a show about the immigrant experience-that is Pedro Pan's greatest strength.  The musical does an excellent job at appealing to everyone without overgeneralizing...[it] has the potential to be a big Broadway hit.  And I'm certainly hoping that happens because Pedro Pan is the kind of show we, as a city and a country, need.  Theatre is Easy (Best Bet)

"Pedro Pan"

NYMF July 10-14, 2018

Book by Rebecca Aparicio, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Anthony Elkins

Directed by Melissa Crespo

Choreographed by Sidney Erik Wright

Music Direction by Stephen Anthony Elkins

Costume Design by Rachel Dozier-Ezell

Lighting Design by Ben Bauer

Projection Design by Lisa Renkel

The Acorn at Theater Row

with Taylor Caldwell, Sisley Carretas, Rodrigo Ignacio Cruz, Gregory Diaz IV, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Diego Lucano, Genny Lis Padilla, Julian Silva, Natalie Toro, and Cherry Torres

Photos by Joe TickNow

NYMF nominee "Outstanding Choreography"-Sidney Erik Wright

NYMF nominee "Outstanding Book"--Rebecca Aparicio

NYMF winner "Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role"-Natalie Toro

NYMF winner "Outstanding Individual Performance Award"-Taylor Caldwell, Gregory Diaz IV, Julian Silva

NYMF Special Citation for "Political Relevance and Impact"

"Choreographer SIDNEY ERIK WRIGHT’s dances are a captivating combination of native-inspired sequences and musical theater production numbers."

"The choreography by SIDNEY ERIK WRIGHT  is full of variety, creativity, and youthful energy."  Times Square Chronicles

"There is much to like in this 75-minute musical...which features SIDNEY ERIK WRIGHT's lively choreography."  New York Theater

"All the actors are also staged and choreographed expertly, with both director Melissa Crespo and choreographer SIDNEY ERIK WRIGHT contributing greatly to this show."  Onstage Blog

"SIDNEY ERIK WRIGHT's choreography is both clever and playful-I love the incorporation of Mary Martin's famous "Peter Pan" stance."  Theatre is Easy (Best Bet)

"The production was rendered lively thanks to Sidney ERIK WRIGHT's choreography and a terrific ten-member cast." (Best of NYMF-Producers take note)

"Pass out the Cohiba cigars in honor of Pedro Pan, the beguiling new musical now being given an outstanding production at the New York Musical Theater Festival. Pedro Pan is a shining example of how the NYMF system can help the best material move forward. The hard work of the creative team has paid off in a show for all ages that is touching, funny, beautifully written and completely right for the historical moment. Rebecca Aparicio’s book is brimming with genuine heart, humor and humanity. She also does a superb job of moving between Spanish and English in a way that fits every moment of the story unobtrusively. The music and lyrics by her husband, Stephen Anthony Elkins, are both beautifully crafted. His fine orchestrations, and the top notch band led by Elkins on the keys, with especially beautiful trumpet playing by Andy Warren, entirely capture the feel of the culture and the period.

The world of the play is depicted in painterly, sun dappled scenic images of Cuba and NYC by projection designer Lisa Renkel. The choreography by SIDNEY ERIK WRIGHT is full of variety, creativity, and youthful energy. The sound design by Mark Van Hare was both natural and  beautifully balanced. Casting director Jason Styres  clearly brought wonderful actor choices to the table. Lights by Ben Bauer and costumes by Rachel Dozier-Ezell round out the fine design elements. All this is under the sure handed direction of Melissa Crespo, who keeps the whole show moving fluidly and honestly.

To the credit of the team, they’ve polished the ideas they had last year as well as anyone could have done. It’s so good, it just makes you long for more of it. I think the overall  quality of the writing is better than Billy Elliott, and the show could have the same, wide, all ages appeal. Like Come from Away, this is a story demanding to be told now. If expanded properly, Pedro Pan has the potential to be a big Broadway hit."  Times Square Chronicles