“The opening play, Save the World: Last Chance, written by the Charles MacArthur Fellow Mark Eisman, deftly explores the issues of geography, identity, and values for location, career, family, and one’s self with an interesting pragmatic twist for the resolution.  Through the play, I was astonished to see the number of issues and the complexity of relationships compacted within a production of less than 20 minutes.”  Garrett Robinson, Askanewyorker.com

SUZANNE:  Someday I hope to see in person all the places I'm memorizing.  I mean studying.  I wonder where I'd go first.  Someplace more foreign than Ohio.  I'm intrigued by Belize, but unfortunately English is the official language.  What's that, mother?

DENIZE:  Appricot cobbler.  I wouldn't.  Trust me.  It's old cobbler.

“Save the World: Last Chance”

Written by Mark Eisman

Directed by Sidney Erik Wright

The Gallery Players Black Box New Play Festival

May 29-June 1, 2014

with Alex Amery, Shannon Eagen, Kelley Evans, and Rachel Ladd