Their food tastes better when they see us starving (or, coriolanus) 

A warhawk fights to appeal to the same plebeians she holds in utter contempt... A feverish collision of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and Brecht’s unfinished adaptation by the same name, this devised multimedia work hypertextually explores the volatile nature of democracy and the complicated role the military-industrial complex plays in the continued subjugation of working-class people around the world.


"Their food tastes better when they see us starving (or, coriolanus)"

Shuga Pie Supreme August 20-25, 2018

The Brick Shakespeare in Theatre Festival

Adapted by Chris Tyler

Directed by Anne Ciarlone

Movement Consultant Sidney Erik Wright

Featuring Andrew D'Anneo, Madeline Dauer, Chris Ignacio, Molly Jones, Yael Rizowy, Tricia Sorresso

Stage Managed by Callan Gies

Designed by Sonya Plenefisch

Produced by Sarah George & Charles Quittner